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Nutritional education for primary schools


Our aim is that nutrition education becomes just as normal as maths, English, reading and writing at school. In order to achieve this, AKF has developed Cool Treats. The Cool Treats teaching package allows children to experience that fruit and vegetables are delicious, fun and cool! 


Cool Treats is successful when children are inspired and enthused, and able to eat fruit and vegetables as daily treat for themselves.


Fresh fruit and vegetables


Cool Treats focusses on experiential learning, as  research has shown that using this method, children are more receptive to the message you want to convey. 


Directly at the beginning of the project, the classroom is surprised with an exciting wooden crate, filled with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

An inspiring Fruit gang


The fruit and vegetables come to life, as the children are introduced to the animated characters called 'the Fruit Gang'. Together, they go on a journey to explore the world of fruit and vegetables. 

Watch the trailer!


And take look for yourself...



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