Discovering fruits and vegetables




School project for the middle grades


More and more primary schools are promoting healthy treats. This is a fantastic development that entirely suits Aartsen Kids Foundation's ambitions to make children (and their parents) aware of the importance of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


'Cool Treats' allows primary school children to experience that fruit and vegetables treats are delicious, fun and cool!

A wooden crate filled with fresh fruit and vegetables


'Cool Treats' focusses on experiential learning, as  research has showed that with this method of learning, children are more receptive to the message you want to convey. Once they are enthusiastic to playfully discover fruit and vegetables, the rest will follow automatically. 


Directly at the beginning of the project, the classroom is treated to an exciting wooden crate. With the contents of this crate, a new world will open up for them, as it has been filled with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, taste experiences and learning materials (such as workbooks and games).

An inspiring Fruitzooitje


The content of the crate comes to life, as the children are introduced to the animated 'Fruit Gang'. Together, they go on a journey to explore the world of fruit and vegetables. Inspired by the stories and experiences of the Fruit Gang, the children go to work and ultimately come up with their own 'Cool Treats'.



“Eating sufficient fruit and vegetables is of significant importance for preventing illness and remaining in good condition. Therefore, teach children at a young age to enjoy the consumption of those delicious, natural products. At home as a snack, at school in the form of 'Cool Treats' and even when your child unexpectedly is admitted to hospital. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is what is best for your little sprout.”


- Dr. A.R. Hulsmann, paediatrician-neonatologist

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